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Philosophy of our firm

PIERO VIGANEGO, Lawyers and Consultants, is an advisory Firm specialized in domestic and foreign companies, which carries out its work through professionals with a clear vocation for the Client Service.

This service is provided based on three fundamentals:

1. Respect for the human dignity and legality.

The Firm rejects all those clients and matters that may have direct or indirect relationship with practices that violate human life from conception to natural death, worker exploitation and fraudulent practices in corporate, tax, employment and other areas.

2. Technical preparation.

The Firm's professionals are up-to-date with current legislation and case law having the proper technical means available to stay updated.

3. Time.

The current evolution of the standard of living and of communications has led to increased work by professional firms, in order to maintain the necessary structure to operate in the market. The selection of clients and the dedication of our professionals enable us to work in the cases with the necessary time to find the best solutions for the interests of the Client.


Lawyers and Tax / Labor Advisors

Law Firm located in Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).

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