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Despacho de abogados Piero Viganego Consultores de empresa. Consultoría ubicada en Barcelona y Madrid Piero Viganego BUFETE PIERO VIGANEGO S.L. C/ Tuset 10 1º 1ª08006 Barcelona Cataluña España - C/ Claudio Coello 113, 1º28006 Madrid España Consultores de empresa. Consultoría ubicada en Barcelona y Madrid Piero Viganego

Piero Viganego es un bufete de abogados en Barcelona y Madrid

Consultores de empresas en Barcelona y Madrid

Situados en el centro de ambas ciudades

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Law Firm in Spain
Spanish Lawyers

Multidisciplinary law firm located in the center of Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. Spanish lawyers.
Spanish lawyers

Business consulting services in Spain

Barcelona and Madrid consultancy specializing in executive consulting, sale and internationalization of companies in Spain
Spanish consultants

Enabled Electronic Address (DEH)

Compulsory Electronic Address for Tax purposes

According to the Spanish regulations it is currently compulsory for any Company with potential revenues in Spain, to dispose of an Enabled Electronic Address (DEH) to receive electronically any communications issued by the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Labour Relationships

More incentives for hiring workers                                                                                                                  &nbsp

Tax and Accounting Management

VAT deduction

Can the Tax Office deny the entitlement to deduct VAT revenue when the taxable person has failed to comply with certain non-substantial registration obligations?


New regulation of renewable energy, cogeneration and waste

It has entered into force in June 2014 Royal Decree 413/2014 on energy production from renewable sources, cogeneration and waste.

Industrial Property

Small and medium-sized enterprises. Participation in FP7 projects in the ‘Biotechnologies’ activity

Overview of the measures taken by the European Commission to encourage SME participation in EU-funded projects within the FP7 ‘Biotechnologies’ activity.

Bank collections and payments

SPAIN: SEPA System (CORE) from February 2014

Important issue in the management of the new bank system for debit orders: